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CAN YOU IMAGINE waking up in the morning after a great night’s sleep and not having an ache or a pain? CAN YOU IMAGINE actually wanting to jump out of bed and start your day? CAN YOU IMAGINE feeling so good you can say you haven’t been healthier in your entire life? CAN YOU IMAGINE […]


Strength and Cardio

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There is a lot of controversy surrounding weight training and cardio exercise. Just to name a few; heavy weight vs. light weights; long cardio workouts vs. short intense workouts, walking vs. running, combining both kinds of workouts; How many times aweek and how long; and the list goes on. With all the equipment available and […]

The Tummy Tuck by Maggie

The Tummy Tuck by Maggie

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Here is an exercise you can do to tighten the tummy. CAUTION: Any back problems, keep the head on the floor! Bring both legs to your chest; as you raise your legs, breathing out keeping the small of the back pressed against the floor and tighten the tummy. Hold for a count of 3, a […]


Bees and Wasps, ouch!

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Ok, now for the good stuff. If you’ve been on a picnic, or a hike with Maggie you’ve encountered those pesky little flying yellow and black creatures that instill fear in most of us. Wasps, bees, and many of their close relatives can cause us a lot of anxiety and some bit of pain, and, […]

Multi Fruits with Cherrys

Sugar, Candy, Yum Yum

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“Nobel laureate Otto Warburg discovered that many different Cancer types get their energy by using high levels of the sugar ‘glucose’. This is known as the ‘Warburg Effect’. I am sure everyone knows the destructive effect sugar can have on our bodies. Go ahead, admit it. You do, yet it tastes soooo goooood! With the […]


A Few of Maggie’s Heart Power Ingredients

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Let me make it simple and remind you that nature provides us with everything we need to have vibrant health and take charge of our health. The more we are connected to our bodies and listen to it, the closer we come to overcome our addictions to food and living better! Fruits Natures’ cleansers! Fruits […]

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