The Important Role of Both Physical Activity and Dietary Habits in Relation to Alzheimer Disease (AD) Risk.

The Important Role of Both Physical Activity and Dietary Habits in Relation to Alzheimer Disease (AD) Risk.

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Well, Just as Maggie says, forget about a diet, just eat good stuff, the stuff Mother Nature makes for us and you have to exercise.  If you have been reading Maggie’s newsletters and/or you are a client of hers, you already know this. I know Maggie has lived what she says for all her life […]

Multi Fruits with Cherrys

Sugar, Candy, Yum Yum

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“Nobel laureate Otto Warburg discovered that many different Cancer types get their energy by using high levels of the sugar ‘glucose’. This is known as the ‘Warburg Effect’. I am sure everyone knows the destructive effect sugar can have on our bodies. Go ahead, admit it. You do, yet it tastes soooo goooood! With the […]


A Few of Maggie’s Heart Power Ingredients

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Let me make it simple and remind you that nature provides us with everything we need to have vibrant health and take charge of our health. The more we are connected to our bodies and listen to it, the closer we come to overcome our addictions to food and living better! Fruits Natures’ cleansers! Fruits […]

Nutrition and Dental Health

Nutrition and Dental Health

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NO, I’m not a dentist, but I do have quite a bit of knowledge on the subject. You know I talk a lot about what goes in your mouth and how it affects your health and fitness, but now, I’m going to tell you what it does to the teeth in your mouth and the […]

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

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You all have heard me brag about what I believe are the miracles of using pure Apple Cider Vinegar. As part of my ongoing educational/nutritional tips, I would like to expand on its benefits, since I believe the more informed we are, the better we can improve our health and fitness. The following will highlight […]

yogurt and fruit

Milk and Cheese, Ice Cream Sundaes…

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Maggie says NO! There are better choices and she tells you why…..My Father passed away from cardio vascular disease when I was 11 years old and shortly after my Mother died of leukemia and type 2 diabetes, not to mention another brother (a doctor) passing from heart issues at age 40. Their death, along with […]

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