About Maggie

NO, this is different, really different. Maggie will show you how your life will be changed by adopting a mindset that encourages eating the right foods, exercising the right way and changing the way you think about yourself and your body. Most everyone suffers from some ‘lack of self-esteem’. In many of us this lack of self -esteem is exacerbated by our reflection in the mirror when dressing or after a shower in the morning.  Some of us even go so far as to say “who are you and where is my true reflection”?  We may even wonder “is the mirror just fooling me or am I really that far ‘out of shape’”.

Well, the mirror is not at fault and the image we find staring back at us is our true reflection.  This is where someone like Maggie steps in, ready, willing and able to show us how we can dramatically improve our reflected image in the mirror. This is because Maggie Garemani is a gifted athelete, trainer and coach.  She has spent most of her life studying fitness and nutrition and understands the interdependence of the body and the psyche. She is a living example of how one can overcome obstacles standing in the way of a happy and fulfilled life and enjoy the process along the way. She then uses that process, a ‘gift’, as a lesson for others. She is a strong woman, with a heroic attitude who used her ‘gift’ to carve out a unique life; a life that combines the healing power of Mother Nature, which is manifested in trees, mountains and streams. She uses the inherent healing power in human nature to show other young women how to find that same ‘gift’.  

At an early age as a gymnast and track athlete and then later, in 1978, as the owner and director of the first women’s Iranian health spa, she has lived her dream of staying fit and healthy in both mind and body. Now, on her website, www.fitnessbymaggie.com , she shows you the way. Regardless of your age or level of fitness, you will experience dramatic effects from her teachings that will be life-long lasting. To bring together all her natural gifts and vast experience to others, Maggie has developed a flourishing practice as a life coach where she helps her clients achieve their optimum physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. She does this by designing a custom balanced nutritional program along with a practical and fun exercise program.  In this way she helps her clients live a balanced and healthy life on a daily basis.

You can email Maggie at maggie@FitnessByMaggie.com or call her at
805-443-1329 and she will answer your questions —- From the Heart.

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