We Each Matter on YouTube

Posted by in Maggie on 27. Apr, 2020 | Comments Off on We Each Matter on YouTube

A friend of mine honored me by asking if I would talk about overcoming tough times in light of our current pandemic. Here it is. From the ❤️ , Maggie  


Our Amazing Body

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I’ve been working for the better part of my life focusing on my body and trying to overcome the terrible genes I inherited. And at 68 years old, at least the doctor says, as they all do, “Whatever you’re doing, keep on doing it”. Most of us pay a lot of money to get that […]

The Before and the After

The Before and the After

Posted by in Client Success Stories, Mental Fitness on 09. Nov, 2019 | Comments Off on The Before and the After

My name is Nazila Nouri and here is my story working with Maggie:  I began working with Maggie in December of 2017 when I went to her seeking help for my extremely high weight, extreme food addiction, and my anxiety and depression. By the time I had begun working with her, I had reached 305 […]



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CAN YOU IMAGINE waking up in the morning after a great night’s sleep and not having an ache or a pain? CAN YOU IMAGINE actually wanting to jump out of bed and start your day? CAN YOU IMAGINE feeling so good you can say you haven’t been healthier in your entire life? CAN YOU IMAGINE […]


Strength and Cardio

Posted by in Exercise on 13. Oct, 2019 | Comments Off on Strength and Cardio

There is a lot of controversy surrounding weight training and cardio exercise. Just to name a few; heavy weight vs. light weights; long cardio workouts vs. short intense workouts, walking vs. running, combining both kinds of workouts; How many times aweek and how long; and the list goes on. With all the equipment available and […]


Bees and Wasps, ouch!

Posted by in Exercise on 28. Aug, 2019 | Comments Off on Bees and Wasps, ouch!

Ok, now for the good stuff. If you’ve been on a picnic, or a hike with Maggie you’ve encountered those pesky little flying yellow and black creatures that instill fear in most of us. Wasps, bees, and many of their close relatives can cause us a lot of anxiety and some bit of pain, and, […]

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